Dirt Trapper door mats, perfect for trapping dirt in the home and office!

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We want you to get the most out of your Dirt Trapper cotton washable doormat, so we have put together this simple checklist for taking care of your purchase.

Before using your Dirt Trapper Cotton Washable Doormat, make sure you wash it first observing the following precautions:

1. Set for a cool wash (no higher than 60º C), and ensure that you do not use a fabric conditioner.

2. Wash your Dirt Trapper Cotton Washable Doormat in an old pillowcase to ensure that any lint doesn't pass through your washing machine.

3. Naturally, don't wash your Dirt Trapper Cotton Washable Doormat with anything else at the same time!

Where Dirt Trapper Cotton Washable Doormats are used on tiled or wooden floors, try to ensure that the backs of the mats are kept clean and dust free to avoid them slipping.

"Following a nasty fall on slippery tiles after a heavy downpour, a friend bought me one of your mats. It never moves, and I can now wipe my feet with confidence..."

Miss Parsons, Tooting

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